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The Rest of Summer… what hasn’t been happening!!

Posted in Rest of Summer 2008 by victorgin on October 2, 2008

Since my last post, the Pemberton Festival – it has been all on like Donkey-Kong…. where do i start? Probably end up like a ranting/raving dutch-blogging lunatic by the end of it so it probably doesn’t matter. Here goes nothing: –

Sunpeaks Bike Park #1 – Long weekend – August 2/3 – 4th

So the weekend after the blur that was Pemberton, i decided some downhill riding was in order at Sunpeaks bike park, just north of Kamloops – about 4 hours total away from Vancouver.

I set out around 530am on Saturday morning, all by myself in the Fire Truck – destination Bike Park. it was a pretty sweet drive east out of Vancouver, over the Coquilhalla Highway and into the interior. I set the cruise control and got myself to Kamloops in about 3 hours…. a mandatory food stop in Kamloops had me queuing in a line that extended outside the Tim Hortons!.. Canadians love that place!

Anyways – I was on the bike park by 1030am and pretty happy with the mornings travel.

Sunpeaks did not disappoint – infact, it really had won me over with the range of trails – both super fast flowy jumpy trails, single-track/technical stunt trails, and steep/fast/old school rooty downhill runs. 8 runs top to bottom in about 4 hours was a pretty good effort before lunch at 3pm!… The tracks were nice and tacky – probably saturated surface dry (that’s a technical term..)…. which was quite a relief since all the ‘glory photos from their website had been showing dust-bomb/moon-dust trails for the last several weeks!……

Weather-wise, dark clouds had been threatening all morning, and the skys opened up around 1pm – woot woot!!! So a couple of hours rain-riding was pretty damn sweet – was grinning from ear to ear!! the lifties were evening giving me stick for doing what seemed like endless laps on the chair!

….. Being such a steep hill, with not too many riders to slow you down started to take it’s toll on my hands (and shitty Hayes Nine Brakes!)……… so it was probably a good thing Kerstin and Sebastian showed up during lunch… yeah, they were in their final fews days of their two week road trip/summer vacation – and were in the general area so decided they would make a b-line to see the Resort….

Sebastian had his old Rocky Mountain hardtail bike, and thought it would be rude not to take a punt in the bike park for the afternoon. 4pm to 7pm – we schleyed some dirty lines before closing – 6 runs was all we could manage before the checkered flag fell – my hands were soooo shot, just trying to hold the ‘big nine between the legs was proving quite the task!

The tent/camping supplies i had brought with me to do the ‘solo-weekend/get-out-of-town-away-from-punters/zen-out-in-the-bush-somewhere’ thing wasn’t required as the three of us checked into a cheap as hotel room for the night….. As for the night-life in the ‘village’? pretty non-existant – maybe one club>? Meh – this was supposed to be a detox weekend after the 3 day body-bashing affair the previous weekend!

Sunday morning – back onto the chairlifts for day #2 on the Park – this gave us a good opportunity to check out all the other trails i hadn’t ridden, and hammer home some of the sweeter trails which gave so much pleasure the day before.

A couple of hours into the riding, Sebastian noticed funny noises coming from his bike – The top tube had split/cracked right through about 80% of the cross-section!.. pretty good for a 10 -12 year old steel frame!

I gave the wee German (who is taller than Kerstin I might add..) my demo for the rest of the afternoon, and went and had crepes and coffee with Kerstin πŸ™‚

This Wee Guy was giv’ner!

…and some good show-ponies come out when you start pointing the camera around!!!

After two awesome days on the hill – i thought i would head back to Vancouver that night and get some riding on the North Shore on our Monday off…. Can’t complain – long weekend and three days of great riding! I guess that’s why this place is home at the moment!

August 9/10 -Silverstar Bike Park

What a mission trying to leave town on the Friday! – I was up at 5am since I was heading to another hydro site for the day with work. 1.5 hour drive to the dock, 30 minute boat ride across a lake, follwed by a 30 minute drive along a gravel road to get to the work site… site tour, design meeting – then the travel all the way back into Vancouver… By the time i got over to Andrews, it was about 8pm when we hit the road out of town…… Destination nowhere, or close to Kelowna/Vernon somewhere…..!

We kept driving through Merrit, Kelowna.. then Vernon and started heading up the access road towards Silverstar…. it was getting late, and we still had no idea where we were going to camp for the night….. we finally found some spur road off the access road about 2km from the mountain – chucked down the tent and went lights out around 130am!!… what a day.

We woke up at 6am to the sound of thunder, lightening and some heavy showers… great. The bike park was going to be FUN!….. we packed up and headed up to the mountain for some breakfast – good old Bulldog Bar and Restaurant served us up with some awesome Eggs Bennies… yum yum!

Silverstar Bike Park wasn’t too wet actually – the rain had stayed off long enough not to turn the place into a bath!… we quickly made ourselves familiar with the signature trails of Rock Star and others… it wasn’t very busy, and the trails were really well maintained, big smooth berms and good flow. Only gripe i had was that it wasn’t as steep as Sunpeaks the previous weekend – and some of the trails required quite a bit of pedalling input to really hammer her home…! can’t complain tho… it was lift-assisted riding, in the interior BC… tick another checkbox!

After hitting up some fast drops, and attempting stupid wet wall rides – the skys finally opened up around 330pm BIGTIME… an awesome amount of water was falling from the sky – pretty much ended our day, which wasn’t all bad since we had such a mission/late night getting there. Beer’o’clock had come early!

after 6 quick ones, we headed to the saloon for a feed and a general peek at the local fare….. mutton dressed as lamb anyone? – ok, maybe a bit harsh – not really a lot of game was run… unlike previous adventures there last winter/easter ski trip!… muahahaha…!

Sunday morning – hangover riding at the park.. wasn’t too bad – best cure is that cool mountan air… πŸ™‚ We even saw some sun later in the day!

5 hour drive home – Thanks Pauli!

Not too many photos taken – but Sebastian took the time to make a video which pretty much sums up the weekend!…….. “pin it ya fairy”!!!!

Seppels Movie link on youtube – worth a nosey.

August 16/17/18 – Whistler Bike Park, Crankworx and Grom Train x 7 Punters!

Friday night and the lights are low…. looking for a place to go with Jabez and Gareth who had just arrived from NZ for a 4 week holiday/biking holiday….. After landing at 2pm, unpacking their bikes and chilling out – we decided to have a few beers on Commercial Dr with my other friends before heading out to some Chinese Night Markets over in Richmond – Cheap asian market food, and imported stuff – was pretty interesting to finally check it out since i had missed out last year. Pork Dumplings, noodles, sticky rice, fried tofu blocks and desserts for africa… a good way to kill a few hours before picking up Kurt, the 3rd punter coming from LA – at 1030pm.

Shortly after picking up Kurt, the piss-taking/slander had already
started – just like old times back in Wellington… man, it was going to be an intense few weeks for the guys!

Up earlish on Saturday – Loading up the pathfinder outside ours…. like herding sheep!… nah, not quite that bad…. πŸ™‚

Up earlish Saturday morning – we strapped on two big downhill bikes upsidedown on the roof rails of my truck, and two other bikes off the back. Crammed the boot full of bags and headed over to north van to pick up Germany (Seppel) before getting on the road proper to Whistler!….

… oh god. Cue the drunken, heavily-hungover, obnoxious German who could hardly stand, speak or make any sence at all!!… smelt like a brewery, slurred and drawled like the best of them… probably spent the night on the kitchen floor after his Vife had booted him out at 4am in the morning when he got home after attending the contractors rooftop party from the previous night…!… you get the picture – he was rOuGh.

Anyway – we managed to squeeze him, his bike and gear into the already overloaded fire truck – and got on the road.

Made it to Squamish – and the virgin flight for two ‘Demos on the roof rails, tire-tubed down and some strops was holding up!

Gareth – enjoying a beverage.

Jabez, Kurt and Seppel – …. now who can spot the punter doing one of his MANY signature poses for the camera?… πŸ™‚

This weekend was the final weekend of the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival – i.e. the busiest weekend of the summer for the bike park, and village – we didn’t really care since we had seen it all last year – and the kiwi lads wanted to ride the park anyways……. after taking them down Goats Gully on the first run – probably the most technical piece of singletrack on the entire hill… they warmed into the trails and we had a pretty good day of riding the Garbonzo upper chairlift, away from the crowds in the village/lower chair. it was also pretty hot – Jabez looked like he had been sitting in a sauna for hours, in a wetsuit, after only a couple of runs – time out buddy. Nevertheless – the thermostat finally came down and some more riding was had by all.

It was beginning to be dejavu for Seppel and I when we went out for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the village – i think we did exactly the same thing last year on the Saturday!… so much smack talk after a few pitchers, i don’t know where to even start!………… so i won’t.

Sunday – We decided a ‘cruisey day’ not spent in the park would be good – so taking in some nice ‘trail riding’ in the valley. Didier and Henry were coming up from Vancouver to join the 5 of us – making a super7 grom train! woot woot!

We did a nice lap around the Lost Lake area – nice smooth not-so-steep trails/single track with some wooden features… pretty much aimed at the intermediate level rider – was good for myself and G who were pushing our DH bikes!…. I really enjoyed the trails as they were easy, laid back and cruisey. There were also quite a few runners and other bikers on the trails, which made for good social riding. After an hour and a bit, we had circumnavigated our way around to the lake, stripped off and went for a dip – probably should have, and could have stayed there for the rest of the arvo.. quite a bit of eye candy around the place – games anyone?….

A short pedal back to the village found us parked up at the Brewhouse pub for a pint and burger….. and mandatory bike shakedown/smack-talk/bird-chatter and general slandering…. It was friggin hot sitting outside, and we were contemplating more riding in the valley afterwards!…. yeah, beer and riding go hand in hand right?

Cue The River Runs Through It – another signature trail – complete with wooden stunts and generally rooty/flattish style riding. It was a bit of an eye-opener for the lads who hadn’t seen too much of this sort of technical riding. Anyway – 2+ hours later, we finally finished – all pretty exhausted and a bit bemused about the “cruisey day” trail riding…. muahahaha!… riding with us is never really that cruisey, unless we’re playing tour guide with real newbies, preferably of the female and cute variety….. πŸ™‚ YEAH RIGHT! like that ever happens… friggin sausage-fest….. BBQ anyone?

Quite the long day for Didier and Henry – they hit the road around 7pm – getting themselves home pretty late due to the traffic back to Vancouver.

I planned to take the Monday off work to ride the park with my friends since they had come all this way to ride. Monday was a bit quieter in the bike park – and we rode some of my favourite trails like Dirt Merchant, Freight Train, Karate Monkey, Too tight and Angry Pirate…. It was great to see the guys confidence building as they started to get familiar with the trails… then the rain came – halfway down Dirt Merchant, we were scoping a drop and wee gap jump when the skies finally opened up and it absolutely BUCKETED for about 10 minutes….. trail turned into a river… muahaha..!.. lambs to the slaughter… good thing for goggles, but still they don’t do shite when there is that much water on the trail!.. oh well, i still hit everything i could see. All i can say is that ‘ride by feel’ isn’t such a bad thing sometimes!

We rode till the end of the day, dirty boys in the mud……! – 5pm – I left them with some beers and best wishes/words of wisdom for the rest of the week – and hit the road back to Vancouver… I had to be up at 6am the next morning since i was heading to my job site for the rest of the week…. Phew! – no rest for the wicked around here… man, the candle is still burning at both ends Foo Shooe…..!

August 19 – 26 – Onsite for work – JB hospital

Well, i got a message from Sebastian on Wednesday while i was onsite that Jabez had crashed and was in Lions Gate Hospital in Vancouver – There wasn’t too much i could do since i was so far away. Luckily it wasn’t too serious – a bruised lung and pain… could have been a lot worse if he wasn’t wearing body armour! Thanks Sebastian, and Didier for taking care of things after the incident. This accident meant he couldn’t go on the 8 day freeride bike tour they had organized for the following week. Rest and relaxation in Vancouver.

August 29/30/31 – Friday Bender, Then Seattle Roadtrip – Long Weekend!

After spending 8 days onsite at our dry camp – i got back into town on the Tuesday night – got the low-down from Jabez about his accident and his tourist activities of the last week. Friday rolled around and i really just wanted to have a few drinks since it was about 4 weekends back in Pemberton since i had spent any time with some of the KP work crowd. Kurt and Gareth were arriving back that afternoon from their freeride bike tour, so they and Jabez decided to come out for some socializing too……..

anyways – 530 pm through to 3am… finished off with a walk through the local McD’s on the way home…. saw us hitting the sack around 330pm – wakey wakey at 8am and on the road at 9am for the US Boarder!.. whoopdeedoo…. probably one of the hardest drive’s i’ve done in a while… the boarder crossing wasn’t too bad actually – only about 2 hours i think?

Into Seattle proper – we checked out REI outdoor equipment store – an awesome place, like Kathmandu but 10 times better for sure…. afternoon was pretty laid back after that. We checked out some of the waterfront and the Olympic Sculpture Park. A stroll through downtown shopping district, then back over to the north-west end of town for probably the best Thai feed we have all had in a long time.

Jabez – stund to see people in Seattle – actually, it was a pretty busy weekend in S-town – a massive annual music and arts festival “Blumbershoot” was on – people everywhere!…. πŸ™‚

Sunday morning was a bit of a slow start – I was pretty knackered from too many weekends strung in a row, then sitework followed by the large Friday night/Saturday – we frequented the local Dennys for some brunch before lining up a big day down at the Seattle Centre/Space Needle/Experience Music Project, SciFi Mueseum, Monorail and Pike Place Markets…. phew!.

Experience Music Project Roof – underneath the Space Needle, at the Seattle Centre.

Space Needle! Jetsons….. again!

Frank Gehry’s Experience Music Project Mueseum. Think Bilbao, and Disney Concert Hall……

…and the MONORAIL….. forever engrained in our heads, thanks to the Simpsons episode…

The Lads enjoying being on the MONRAIL!

Pike Place Waterfront Markets.

View from the Space Needle – Mint Day!

rocking the en-zed tourist tee… thanks Vinni!

Seattle – Two stadiums off to the right – Q-West Field (Stadium for the Seattle Seahawks NFL) – and Safeco Field, which is a baseball stadium..

Views from the Space Needle at night

Seattle Downtown.

Monday was a public holiday (Labour Day) for Canada and the US – After packing up the motel, we headed towards Sea-tac International Airport via a massive Westfield Mall for a quick brunch. Kurt was flying back to the US of A around 1030am – Was fairly emotional dropping off the big dutchie… πŸ™‚ come back next year, and I’ll have Grant hook you up that JOB with Us!!!! Then you and Seppel can go bananas…. join the sausage family… nah, kidding..!!

After another trip to the local REI, JB, G and myself headed towards the Museum of Flight. We actually spent quite a bit of time looking around all the planes/history/crap – was a really nice day and probably should have been outside – but the place was quite fascinating, even though i don’t know that much about them… SR-71 Blackbird was on display… that is a pretty sick looking aircraft!

who’s sharper? – no contest.

Concorde’s ‘bhooster!

Cockpit – de’Concorde.

Tiny cabins!…. and Jabez (‘son of god’) is also very tall…..

Seats look like they below in a supercar… hardly comfortable!….. spose you are not sitting around too long eh…

..and the john.

Next on the tour was JFK’s Air Force One….. very much a snapshot of interior design back in the day!

The Bat Phone….

Foreign Diplomats…..

Old Wing manufacturing methods in the restored Boeing Factory from back in the day. Seattle is the home of Boeing.

The F-14 Tomcat – TOP GUN.

A real SR-71 Blackbird.

Some token photos to keep the German audience happy…..

I’m almost CERTAIN that worm is German….

After wondering around for about 3 hours … we headed back through downtown and into the burbs for an organic coffee, and to see the western shoreline (after getting lost trying to find a beach somewhere…). Quick mexi dinner and it was on the road back to Vancouver – a very long stop at the busy duty free shop at the boarder, saw us home around 11pm….. ! not too bad really…. I still made it to work the next day ok! Jabez – I hope Libby liked the duty free smelly’s you hand-picked out for her!!

Sept 6/7 – Fromme – then Seymour/Cypress on Sunday

The week after Seattle saw Jabez and G take my truck over to Vancouver island for some hiking/sightseeing – Tofino and Victoria/Nanaimo were on the rader over 3 days. Once back in town on the Friday, the plan wasn’t to head back to Whistler – but rather stay in town and ride our local trails on North/West Vancouver.

Saturday around lunchtime saw myself, Seppel, Jabez and G over on Mountain highway for a pedal up Fromme – This was the first time back on the saddle for JB after his accident. We made it up to 7th Secret in pretty good time considering.

The faces tell the story – a nice rip down 7th – then back up a wee uphill section to Executioner… pretty sweet riding…..

Sebastian, Jabez, Gareth and Myself….. top of 7th Secret, Fromme, North Van.

Gareth – I believe he was shaking his head….. !

The unbreakable man….

…not without DRAMA’s tho – on the final trail home – Boundary – Jabez probably got a little over the front from the technical nature and length of the ride – ENDO!… sprained wrist!…. just when things were looking looking pretty good for a clean ride all round!….. Nothing like some ice, and an impromptu BBQ at Sebastians place to mull things over for the rest of the evening!

Thanks Seppel!…… Jabez, those DANG forks again eh.!!!!! almost like the new (but old verison) of Kurt-bike-issues?!

Sunday lunchtime brought some more eager plans to ride/shuttle Mt Seymour first, followed by Mt Cypress shortly afterwards! Sebastian and I were amping at the prospect of a double serving of tasty, tasty trail!… Jabez was going to test out the wrist, and G is just a wee trooper, pumped up on Vitamin I (..buprofen….)

So – load up two cars, 5 punters – and the shuttle/fun begins!

First up – CBC, Pingu/Pangor downhill – the classic route. Jabez wrist wasn’t up for playing games, so he had to bail on us and take the road down after CBC. I actually thought it would take us 30minutes to get down from where he left us… actually, it took more like 1hr 15minutes!… DAMN!… i keep forgetting how long it takes to do this sort of sifty riding… especially with a group….

Myself hitting up a 6 footer+ ladder… damn, can’t recall the trail name, but i’ve been here many times… (Didiers photo

Myself again – 5 foot short tech rock drop on CBC… courtesy of J.D.Pettinga

After planting some boot, and getting back down to the car to see JB – it was decided that JB and Didier head back to Vancouver to check out the Red Bull Soap Box Derby that was on later that afternoon….. and G, Seppel and myself hang around North Van for lunch before having Pauli join us for round deux of gravity-assisted descending on our two wheeled personal recreational transportation vehicles.

After a massive supermarket lunch of sandwiches, donuts, chips and coke (sorry – no steak and cheese pies from the servo here….!…. ) – we headed over to Cypress to get the show on the road. Well – three cars, 4 bikes – i offered to throw them all onto mine and get her up the hill… got to love my Pathfinder Beater…..! Must say – smells a lot better now that i’ve Febreezed the living daylights out of it!….

Got to love the boy’s truck and No.8 wire approach….!!

riding logs….. (actually CBC on Seymour, but she’ll keep…)

After a massive supermarket lunch of sandwiches, donuts, chips and coke (sorry – no steak and cheese pies from the servo here….!…. ) – we headed over to Cypress to get the show on the road. Well – three cars, 4 bikes – i offered to throw them all onto mine and get her up the hill… got to love my Pathfinder Beater…..! Must say – smells a lot better now that i’ve Febreezed the living daylights out of it!….

5th Horseman is a pretty challenging, steep and technical rocky trail. After a morning up on Seymour for Seppel, G and myself – we just wanted to get down in one piece – enjoying the riding along the way of course! Took some videos/pictures – will have to get onto the new summer mtb video I keep talking about making……

…scoping out the daring line on 5th Horseman, Cypress Mountain, West Van.

So that was the Vancouver weekend/shock introduction to north shore riding as we know it. Tuesday through Thursday Jabez and Gareth were back up at Whistler for “one last bite at the cookie” – bike park!….. I was relieved when they came back in one piece, and grinning ear to ear from their last few days at the big hill. Pretty glad the weather was on their side too!..

I ended up seeing them off at YVR airport on Friday evening – two happy campers back on the big bird home…… Guys – I still don’t have an answer on when i’ll be back in NZ, but when i do, we’ll have to get back on the G&T’s!


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  1. Kurt said, on October 2, 2008 at 5:01 am

    Quite the write-up Ginman. You make me proud.

    One thing I found interesting is that from Seattle I flew to the US of A. Am I missing something???

  2. Gareth said, on October 2, 2008 at 5:18 am


  3. Aidan Hunt said, on December 2, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I don’t necessarily agree with the above post, and would like to take to task a few of the OP’s points. Not everyone will see it this way and though I am one of them, I do respect your right to have your view. Either way I have enjoyed reading The Rest of Summer… what hasn’t been happening!! Ginman – On The Move.

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